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We charge only by success

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Overview of your costs

€ 0 00 Overhead
€ 0 00 Staff costs
€ 0 00 Storage costs

We charge only if we sell your products successfully

Your payment will regularly consist of the following:
  • Agreed net sales price1
  • - Sales fees of the sales channel
  • - Agreed advertising costs (as a percentage of the sales price)
  • - Shipping costs
  • - Fulfillment costs (Pick & Pack)
  • - izzware fee (percentage of sales price)

  • = Your net payout amount

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We are a young company ourselves and know how difficult it is at the beginning until the market believes in you. That's why we have special offers for young companies and start-ups (< 5 years since the company was founded).

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1 You and we mutually agree on a minimum sales price. As our sales commission is revenue-based we are interested in high sales prices as well.

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