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Our machine-learning software helps us to control advertising efforts (Paid Advertising) on Amazon (Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, AMS), Google (Adwords) and Facebook (Facebook Ads). We also place advertisements on Google Shopping and various price check platforms. We generate and manage, on average per product, up to 1.500 keywords and 2.000 Longtails per channel and language. We supplement and change the list of used keywords for an optimal result taking into account of time of year/season and recent trends.
Our software searches and analyzes keywords from various sources such as social media, wiki pages, dictionaries, and sales channels. This means that we are able to discover latest and developing trends.
We are able to identify trends early in the game due to extensive tracking of keywords, trends in-and-outside of Amazon, recent weather data and news. This allows us to incorporate this knowledge in the marketing of your products.
Our software monitors how your products are presented on various sales channels hourly for possible unwanted changes. This means we can respond immediately to any incorrect and possibly harmful changes to your brand and product representation.
The numbers-driven management of different channels requires periodic analyses of reports from dozens of sources. We analyse these reports hourly — only possible when supported by our software — and that is why we are able to manage products in different channels by-the-minute.
Successful companies know their numbers! This is no special wisdom, but is more difficult than it sounds. Our team and software keeps track and evaluates a comprehensive selection of metrics, so at any point in time, we can make the best decisions on how to best sell your product.

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