Logistics with AI support

Highend calculation skills for your distribution


Logistics software with autonomous learning

Logistics is multi-layered and complex. izzware keeps an eye on all topics simultaneously - even during thousands of daily orders.
Stock Management
We optimise product stocks with our smart solution based on hundreds of operating numbers. That's how we minimize costs for distribution and avoid being out-of-stock.
Pick & Pack
Different lot sizes are an essential measure to increase the range of coverage. With our own logistics we enable fast and smooth repacking, order picking and packaging of products. In addition to multiple units, there is also the possibility of product bundles or even the assembly of products.
Handling of product returns
Returns are part and parcel of e-commerce. Absolutely smooth handling makes your customers happy. To achieve this we offer our own return processes. After receiving the product it will be examined and — if possible — booked as a sellable product.
Processing of product returns
If it is not possible to recover a returned product according to the highest quality standards, we offer fast and high-quality reprocessing and marketing of the returned goods. This way we minimize the number of products that are destroyed.

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