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Frequently asked questions

What does the cooperation with izzware look like?

izzware acts as brand ambassador for you and your brand(s) on Amazon marketplaces and Ebay, meaning we take over all tasks relating to the marketplace for you. This includes without limitation:
  1. Listing and optimization of your products including channel-specific adjustments and content (e.g. brand shop and extended content for brands on Amazon)
  2. Organization of logistics and distribution to the agreed warehouses
  3. Optimized stock management
  4. Support for end-customers
  5. Advertising (e.g. Amazon Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, ebay Ads)
  6. Invoicing to end customers (incl. correct VAT calculation and payment)
  7. etc.

How can I temporarily assign trademark rights?

For the correct representation of the trademark(s) on Amazon, we must be registered as trademark representatives on Amazon. To do this, we need the following data/documents from you:
  1. all data relating to your word/design or word trademark (purely figurative trademarks are not permitted by Amazon)
  2. a product on which (or on the packaging of which) your brand is clearly recognisably affixed
  3. the possibility to verify you as a legitimate trademark owner or authorized representative (i.e. you need access to the e-mail address provided when you registered your trademark).
We will then initiate trademark representation and a verification code will be sent to the above e-mail address (see 3.). You send this to us. Then the verification is completed and we clarify the activation with Amazon.

What kind of trademark do I need for a cooperation with izzware?

Currently (July 2018), cooperation with us is only possible with a word mark or a word/design trademark. Pure figurative trademarks are currently not permitted.

Which product categories are provided by izzware ?

In general, we are able to provide all product categories. However, we exclude a few categories for several reasons meaning we do not represent and sell products of the following categories:
  1. Adult Products with FSK 18
  2. Weaponry
  3. Software

Which certifications does izzware have (foodstuffs, organic, electronics)?

We are certified to sell organic products according to legal standards.

We are bio-certified under the provision of the European Community: DE-ÖKO-0670
EG Bio-Zertifizierung

We furthermore are allowed to sell products of the following categories with admission restriction:
  1. Topical products
  2. Food and nutritional supplement
  3. Fashion
  4. Electronics
  5. Toys

Are all legal requirements met?

It goes without saying that we comply with all legal requirements. We work closely with an e-commerce law firm and are also a member of the “Händlerbund”.

However, there are of course always special laws that have to be observed for certain product categories. Here we work closely with you to ensure compliance at all times (e.g. the correct application of health claims).

Can izzware manage my own marketplace account?

We try to be as flexible as possible to all requirements. However, we are not able to manage third party marketplace accounts or shops. The reason for this is that we cannot integrate external accounts sensibly into our processes and would therefore lose too much time with administrative tasks.

We are currently Amazon Vendor. What can a cooperation with izzware look like?

We support several companies that have sold directly to Amazon or continue to do so. Since every collaboration is flexible, we should work out the best way for both sides. Contact us for an individual offer.

We have had a bad experience on one of the marketplaces offered by izzware. Can we exclude individual channels?

Of course, we don't sell your products on a channel you don't want your products to be found on.

What happens, if we don't like the cooperation?

If you are not satisfied with our work, you can undo the brand representation at any time.

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